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Please do not sign your athlete up if they are not ready. They must be able to pay attention for an hour and a half. We had some issues with kids that were not ready and it made it difficult to manage the other 70 kids in the room.

  • Grades PreK-12

  • Dates:  Practice begins Dec. 11th

  • Practice Days: Monday & Wednesday

  • Practice Time:  6:15 – 7:30 P.M.

  • Ages K-8th grade-this option is more intense and involves traveling for competition.

  • Tournaments:  Dec. through April 

  • Cost:  $200 includes a t-shirt and USAW membership

  • Responsibilities: Tournament registration

  • Registration will open in early January.

  • Dates:  Practice begins 2nd week of Feb. (date not set yet)

  • Ages K-8th grade (5 year old's are not allowed, must be 6 years old by Jan.1)

  • Practice Days: Tuesday& Thursday 

  • Practice Time:  6:15 – 7:30 P.M.

  • Tournaments:  Feb. through March (6 week season)

  • Cost:  $125 includes t-shirt and use of a singlet

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