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Feb. 5th- Butte Folkstyle- AAU
Feb. 18/19th- Cyclops-Folkstyle- Butte- AAU
Feb. 25th- Battle at the Falls (not sure if we are going yet)- USAW
March 4/5th- Headwaters- Three Forks- USAW (Folk, Free, GR)
March 11- Stevisville- USAW
March 17-19th- AAU Folkstyle (not sure if any coaches are attending, I am pushing the Open instead this season). 
March 24-26th- MT OPEN
APRIL 1- Anaconda- FR
April 8- Spartan Youth (gym pending)- FR
April 15th- Smith/McCarthy- Butte- FR
April 22/23- State Freestyle and Greco- Great Falls

Folk=Folkstyle, Free=Freestyle, GR=Greco

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